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Winterizing Your Mercedes with Accessories

snowy-streetAlthough the article below is targeted at India, the discussion about the best car accessories for winter is still on target regarding us here in the states. Even the locations discussed correspond to the U.S. when the piece brings up the Southwest, North and East portions of the country. In any  case,  you should consider grabbing some car accessories now to get your vehicle ready for winter, including parts like mud flaps and floor mats.


For most motorists, the cold months are nothing more than a blimp on the temperature scale. This is particularly true for those in the south-western part of the country. Go up north and across the east however, and you begin to realize just what winter is. Cars in India that live there often end up needing something extra to help them tide over the biting cold and snow.

This is why, the list of best car accessories for winters below, might be handy for those who might opt to hit the roads when the temperature starts to plunge.

Most cars in India only end up using the air-conditioning function of their HVAC units. As a result, the heater goes unused and runs the risk of breaking down when the temperature slider is moved to the right. The best thing to do is give the heater a thorough service typically before the cold sets in, so that it is functioning at its optimum best when you need it the most. Read More

Houston Storm Could Wreak Havoc on Your Interior

rainstormThose of you in the Houston area are experiencing some might crazy storms right now (as are people in Colorado and a few other parts of the country), and that can often mean destroyed car interiors. If you need to replace something inside your Mercedes because of some unfortunate weather or you’re simply looking to keep the inside of the car looking nice, head over to our interiors page for the excellent discounts available right now.


HOUSTON (AP) — More than a foot of rain had fallen by Monday afternoon in parts of Houston, submerging scores of subdivisions and several major interstate highways, forcing the closure of schools and knocking out power to thousands of residents who were urged to shelter in place.

Sylvester Turner, mayor of the nation’s fourth-largest city, told residents to stay home to fend off a weather system he called “stubborn.” More rain was projected over the next two to three days, although heavy downpours had subsided and only another half-inch was expected through Monday night, he said.

Have You Thought About Your Threshold Plate Recently?

muddy-seasonIt’s likely one Mercedes accessory that you have put less thought into than pretty much every other part of your car, but you should think about swapping out the threshold plates soon. Especially since the muddy season is upon us, you’re going to want as much interior protection as possible. That’s doubly true considering how bonkers the weather has been recently. For example, KOMO News out of the Northwest did an unofficial study on the rainy madness in that part of the country:


Sure I’ve been tossing a lot of statistics in this blog about how wet it’s been this fall and winter: Wettest Oct. 1-March 31 on record (with days to spare), 116 rainy days in that period, 42-plus inches of rain, yadda yadda.

But I’m sure it’s one thing to just read numbers; it’s another thing to visualize it.

So I present a visual scrapbook of our rainy season: A satellite loop that spans from October 1 through March 19. Each frame is 8 hours apart. Continue Reading

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