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Takata Airbags Cause Nearly 200,000 Mercedes-Benz Recalls

Over a pretty short period of time, we have seen the development of an incredibly serious recall having to do with a number of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The recall is concerning airbags produced by the company Takata, specifically the inflators on the front passenger side of the vehicles.

The problem is that, over time, the inflators can degrade due to a few issues. The recall, issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, said in a summary, “In the event of a crash necessitating deployment of the front airbags, these inflators may rupture due to propellant degradation occurring after long-term exposure to absolute humidity and temperature cycling.” They added, “An inflator rupture may result in metal fragments striking the vehicle occupants, resulting in serious injury or death.”

Even with this all being the case, Daimler AG (Mercedes-Benz’ parent company) has stated that they haven’t had any issues stemming from the Takata airbags from drivers, so it’s particularly commendable that they are being so open about the recall.

The vehicles involved in the recall from Mercedes include:

  • 2011 E350 convertible
  • 2011 E550 coupe
  • 2011 E550 convertible
  • 2010-’11 E350 coupe
  • 2010-’11 GLK 350 4Matic
  • 2010-’11 GLK350
  • 2008-’11 C63 AMG sedan
  • 2008-’11 C350 sedan
  • 2008-’11 C300 4Matic sedan
  • 2008-’11 C300 sedan
  • 2010-’11 Sprinter commercial van

If you own any of these vehicles, you should expect to receive mailers soon informing you of the recall. The parts are not yet available to fix all the nearly 200,000 cars that have been affected, but you should be receiving a second mailer as soon as the repair can be made.

For those of you who are looking to make repairs on your own vehicle – even if not necessarily the Takata airbag -, we offer a full range of Mercedes-Benz parts. You can find them by clicking here.

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