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Tesla’s Model 3 Beefed Up in Safety – It’s Major Selling Point

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Automotive safety counts as the most important factor in the auto industry, particularly in the United States. Automotive related fatalities rose 6% in 2016 with an estimate of 30,000 to 40,200 deaths in the US alone. It was the second year recorded with increased deaths. The reports set an all-time high record for death which exceeded 40,000 within the past ten years.

Vehicles on the road today are a lot safe than ever. However, with the advancement of technology, it continues to raise the standard of customer expectation.

TESLA’s Breakthrough

Car manufacturers put a lot of importance on the safety of their vehicles. Tesla is no exception in the list; the automaker proudly advertised their Model S in achieving the best safety rating. In 2013, the Model S received high marks for its safety rating.

Within the past years, the automaker persists to evolve in developing better technology for its vehicles. Within months, the company will launch its newest vehicle, Model 3. The latest model will feature huge development in its technology.

Adam Jonas, the analyst at Morgan Stanly emphasized the research made to their latest model. He said that the Model 3 will “provide a level of active safety that could significantly lead all other cars on sale today.” The breakthrough made possible with the combination of both software and hardware features of the vehicle. He also believed that this might be the “aha!” moment in the auto industry and for customers.

Jonas considers the Model 3 to be 10 times safer compared to the average car on the road; a feature that makes the best selling point in any vehicle.

Tesla’s Model 3 prices at $35,000 will launch later this year, and Jonas anticipates that the vehicle will lead the game for automotive manufacturing.


The company’s commitment to the continuous improvement of the Autopilot features serves as the crucial factor in the safety of the Model 3. Drivers nowadays happen to be far more distracted, thanks to the invention of mobile devices.

Tesla’s Autopilot technology is set to a rough start but it will definitely improve as the vehicles started rolling out. The company newest version of Autopilot operates the second-generation hardware suite.

Even without the activation of the Autopilot, Tesla still gathers important sensor data for fleet-learning uses. The technology uses safety feature such as automatic emergency braking system or AEB. Similarly, Jonas estimates that the company can gather about 400 million miles worth of data in a day by the year 2025 to 2030. It also includes data gathered from future ride-sharing services of Tesla.

The analyst also mentioned about the current condition of the driver assistance and not the full blown Level 4 or 5 independent driving. Autonomous driving will not be made possible within the next few years.

Tesla also considers that the present technology will eventually lead to a full self-driving capable vehicle. Jonas thinks that the Model 3 will give “superhuman” support for the safety of its human drivers.

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