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If you are in the market for a transmission for your Mercedes, we’re here to help! We have rebuilt transmissions in stock for most models from 1975 and up. Click here to go to our transmission page: be sure to filter by your year and model to find the correct transmission for your vehicle.

The Rebuild Process

Adsit has been rebuilding Mercedes transmissions for over 30 years. We start the rebuilding process starts by taking the entire transmission apart, then cleaning and inspecting each piece for damage or wear. Then, we reassemble the transmission and fit with new gaskets, seals, filters, clutch discs, and any other parts that need to be replaced. The transmission housing is also painted: not only to make it look good, but to protect it from corrosion as well.

Once fully reassembled, we test the transmission with a dynamometer. This “Dyno” test will make sure the transmission is operating properly and to the original Mercedes specifications in regards to shifting speeds, line pressure, and several other metrics. After several hours of testing–and performing any required tuning–the rebuild is complete and ready to be shipped.

Ordering a Transmission

Ordering a rebuilt transmission can easily become an expensive, logistical nightmare. But with all of our experience, we at Adsit have a process that eliminates the hassle. Here is a quick breakdown:

  • At the time of ordering, the customer pays a deposit–usually half of the total order cost– and the rebuilding process begins. If the transmission is ready to ship at the time the order, the full amount will be charged up front
  • The rebuilt transmission is secured in a crate on a pallet and is shipped. The remainder of the order balance is paid by the customer.
  • The customer will receive a PRO number used to track the progress of the freight shipment. The carrier will contact the customer to schedule a time for delivery.
  • Once the transmission arrives, the customer should inspect the crate for any visible signs of damage that may have occurred during transit.
  • The customer unpacks the rebuilt transmission and packs their old transmission back into the same crate.
  • The paperwork that was shipped with the transmission will provide all necessary documents and the telephone number to schedule a pick-up time with the freight carrier.
  • The carrier will pick up the old transmission at the scheduled time and will return it to Adsit.
  • Once the old transmission arrives, Adsit will refund the core deposit amount to the customer and the process is complete!

By including all the necessary materials to ship back the transmission core, the process is made much simpler!

Transmission Warranty

All of our rebuilt transmissions come with a 1-year, unlimited mileage warranty. If you choose to purchase a rebuilt torque converter along with the transmission, you will receive an extended 2-year warranty for both parts. We offer this incentive because an old torque converter can cause damage to the newly rebuilt transmission, due to the debris that can be present inside.

If you are having trouble finding the correct transmission for your vehicle or if you have any questions, feel free to call us at 1-800-521-7656!


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