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Genuine Mercedes Benz Auto Parts and Accessories from 1960 to Present

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When you need real, genuine, original-equipment manufacturer-quality authentic working auto parts for Mercedes Benz, you need to shop with the Adsit Company – and you need to download our free Mercedes Benz parts and accessories catalog.

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Adsit Catalog of Mercedes Benz Auto Parts and Accessories

Our free catalog contains nearly every part ever made for all Mercedes Benz cars manufactured by the German carmaker since 1960. Whether you’re maintaining a fairly new vehicle or fixing up a Mercedes Benz classic car, the most accurate way to assure you buy the OEM replacement parts you actually need is to shop

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Whether You Search By Keywords or VIN Number, Adsit Is the Easy Way to Buy Mercedes Benz Parts Online

On our updated, modernized, streamlined new website – – the Adsit Company provides up-to-date product listings, pricing, and availability – plus an inventory of genuine Mercedes Benz auto parts and accessories to rival any shop in the world.

In 2021 the Adsit Company completely revamped our website to provide a better shopping experience for both our longtime customers and all the new customers we do business with around the world. Since 1979, Adsit has supplied usable top-quality, genuine Mercedes Benz replacement parts and accessories from our warehouse and corporate headquarters in Muncie, Indiana, USA.

A Long History of Genuine Mercedes Benz OEM Parts For Sale

Over 40 Years of Selling Customers the Right Mercedes Benz Replacement Parts

We were getting 5-star reviews before it was cool. Once upon a time the Adsit Company relied upon mail-orders, word-of-mouth contact, and magazine advertising. In all those years before cyberspace, we developed a reputation as exalted as Mercedes Benz itself for our ability to connect individual customers with the exact OEM parts they’re in search of.

That’s still what Adsit does, whether customers know precisely what they need or not. What has always separated Adsit as the Number One auto parts supplier – right off the starting line – is the sheer size of our inventory. We stock literally tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of genuine Mercedes Benz auto parts and accessories – plus our people possess the knowledge to understand your situation and guide you to the most accurate way to find the Mercedes Benz parts you need.

Thank You for Taking Advantage of Our Guarantee

When You Shop for Mercedes Benz OEM Parts with Adsit, You’re Getting the A+ Advantage

Thank you for taking the A+ Advantage. It’s what we at the Adsit Company call our guarantee on every Mercedes Benz part we sell. Basically it’s a promise to provide a better shopping experience that results in you getting the genuine Mercedes Benz parts that’ll work best in your vehicle – at fair prices and on a timely schedule, too!

The Adsit A+ Advantage Guarantee has three main components that provide positive feedback to the customer: Quality, Expertise, and Value.

Adsit Sells Quality OEM Parts & Accessories

We Deal in Genuine Mercedes Benz Parts & Only Genuine Mercedes Benz Parts

One of the hallmarks of the Adsit Company has always been our mission of dealing only in genuine Mercedes Benz parts. There are a number of reasons for this singular mission: We establish the market we intend to contact, define our competition, and most of all develop unrivaled expertise that benefits customers the most in their search of the right auto parts.

Adsit Has Expertise To Find the Right Replacement Parts

Have Confidence Buying Replacement Parts Over the Internet with the Adsit Company

It’s easy to have peace-of-mind when shopping for OEM auto parts and after-market accessories online – that is, when you shop at Search by part number, keywords, or vehicle model.

We know, some people prefer to do business a bit more old-fashioned; they want the feedback of another human voice on the other end of a phone line. We get it! So call us up at 1-800-521-7656 to verbally give us the part number you’re in search of, or the VIN number of the vehicle you’re doing the search for. Our experts will be pleased to converse with you about your Mercedes Benz and make sure you’re getting the right parts and accessories for the job.

We want to ensure the replacement parts we sell you are the replacement parts you need for your Mercedes Benz vehicle. After all, the Adsit Company has a long-standing world-wide reputation to maintain.

Adsit Delivers Value to Your Vehicle, Anywhere in the World

We Provide a Better Shopping Experience by Creating the Most Accurate Way To Buy Genuine Mercedes Benz Parts

Hey, we understand what it’s like shopping for car parts – and we know what it shouldn’t be like.

It should be a simple, straight-forward shopping experience. You know the Mercedes Benz parts or part number you need to shop for, you know the range of prices those OEM parts should cost, you have your VIN number at the ready, you contact the Adsit Company as your trusted auto parts supplier, and buy what you need. Simple, right?

Yes – and we strive to keep it that way. Whether you shop via our downloadable catalogue of Mercedes Benz parts and accessories, or you call us on the phone at 1-800-521-7656, or if you prefer to correspond via email at, you’ll find that to deal with the Adsit Company is to deal with consummate professionals who measure success in terms of customer satisfaction with the Mercedes Benz OEM parts and accessories we supply.

Any Part Number Shipped to Any Place People Love Mercedes Benz!

Get the OEM Parts You Need, Quickly, On Time, Delivered Anywhere

Shopping for Mercedes Benz OEM parts with Adsit is easy. Searching for the auto parts and accessories you need in the most accurate way possible is easier still.

The search bar here on is a magical thing. Type the right keywords or part number into that search bar, or use it to select your vehicle, and you’re immediately taken to all the auto parts and accessories you could possibly need from our humongous, enormous, colossal, seemingly endless inventory. From all that feedback, we help you pinpoint just those replacement parts you need.

Create your own account to further provide a better shopping experience. An account on helps us identify accessories and parts you need for your particular Mercedes Benz vehicle – whether you’re a classic owner, modern owner, collector or restoration expert – plus, your account nets you even better deals!

We ship Mercedes Benz replacement parts to all of North America as well as Australia, and to every country in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Everywhere people drive and love Mercedes Benz automobiles, Adsit is there to supply the replacement parts that keep your car looking good and running great.

Anywhere in the world, you shop and we ship – because when you’re in search of parts for any Mercedes Benz vehicle, Adsit has it!

Supplier of Real Mercedes Benz Parts Since 1979

With Bigger Selection and Greater Expertise, We Provide a Better Shopping Experience

There’s a number of good reasons why Adsit is the first name in Mercedes Benz auto parts, engine parts, transmissions, and after-market accessories.

For one thing, we have the biggest selection of authentic Mercedes Benz parts. Shop by part number or category of part – engine, transmission, body, interior, lighting, electrical, climate control, seats, doors, windows, drivetrain, etc. – and we’ll most likely, almost definitely have it. Hard-to-find parts are our specialty.

For another, we have a long history of providing customers with the replacement parts they’re in search of. Adsit has become known the world over for identifying the parts you need for a proper fit. Let us show you the most accurate way to acquire the parts required for your Mercedes Benz.

Whether you prefer to search by part number, keywords, or VIN number, thank you for taking advantage of the powerful search bar here on The feedback it provides may very well be the best tool in your shop for getting Mercedes Benz car parts and accessories.

Got the Mercedes Benz Parts You Were in Search of? Share Your Feedback

We are Always Appreciative of Customers’ 5-Star Online Reviews and Testimonials!

We’re not the typical business. Yes, we have a huge number of top-rate auto parts and accessories for sale – but just Mercedes Benz parts; we don’t sell replacement parts for any other make of automobile. That specialization means the Adsit Company must compete to earn your business . . . and then your trust.

So contact us and share your feedback; we are always in search of ways to improve our service and provide a better shopping experience to our customers – and to those who’ve posted 5-star reviews for the Adsit Company, thank you for taking the time to express your satisfaction! It means the world to us.

Use the link above to download our free catalogue of Mercedes Benz auto parts and accessories. Let’s search for the OEM parts that match the VIN number of your vehicle, and guarantee you get the replacement parts you need when you shop with the Adsit Company.


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