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Common Mercedes Problems & Solutions

It doesn’t matter what type of car you have, even Mercedes-Benz can have problems. That said, not all of these are repair issues and a lot of them are things that you can solve on your own without having to take it into a service department. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most common Mercedes-Benz problems that may occur and give you pointers for how you can get them fixed yourself.

Top Mercedes Problems You Can Fix Yourself

While the problem with your car may be obvious, for other issues it may require some digging. Checking the check engine light codes on your car will help give you a more detailed explanation of the problem. That said, your check engine light won’t go on for everything. 

Crankshaft Position Sensor Problem

One fairly common issue among Mercedes-Benz owners are problems with the crankshaft position sensors (CPS). If you are experiencing stalling or no start problems, it may be a crankshaft position sensor problem. If the problem becomes more severe, your car may not start at all or can even die when you’re driving.

If this is something you are looking to fix yourself, you will need to buy a replacement crankshaft position sensor, which you buy from us here. To fix this you’ll remove the engine cover, locate the crankshaft position sensor on the driver’s side, unplug the electrical connector from the CPS, remove the bolt, install the new sensor you’ll likely need to use a ⅜ ratchet to tighten the bolt.

Trouble with Steering Wheel

If you are having difficulty turning your steering wheel, you may be dealing with a defective power steering system. If you think this is the issue, take some time to check if there is a power steering recall for your Mercedes-Benz model as that is the case with certain C-class models.

When it comes to this problem, it is best to seek out the help of a professional service center.

Switches/Buttons Fading

This is a common issue among all cars, but when you notice that the buttons or switches on your car are fading. Luckily, there are button repair kits and vinyl and leather repair kits as well to help this.

Fuel Pump Relay

If your fuel pump relay is not working your car will not run properly. You can tell if it is a problem with your relay if you turn the ignition to the car and don’t hear a humming noise, your fuel pump relay may not be functioning properly. Another indicator is if the cranking of the engine takes longer than normal.

When fixing this issue, ensure that there is oil pressure. From there, disconnect your battery and locate the fuse box. Using the diagram on the fuse box, locate the fuel pump relay and remove it from the fuse box. Install the new relay in the same way the old one was input. From there, close up the fuse box and ensure the battery clamp is properly tightened. Then you can test it.

These are just a few of the problems that you can come across when you own a Mercedes-Benz. That said, if you are dealing with another issue such as transmission mount problem, it can be best to seek out professional help.

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Our team at Adsitco can help you with whatever you need to repair your Mercedes-Benz, we have and can order whatever materials you’ll need and can even provide some guidance for the problems you are dealing with. Give our team a call or check out our site today. 

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