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Why You Need a Mercedes Benz Dashboard Cover

Many people think that the top of their dashboard is the least glamorous part of their car’s interior. That, or they never stop to think about it at all. But actually, what your dashboard looks like plays a big part in the overall feel of your car, and keeping it nice is a useful trick for those looking to add that extra touch. 

As a Mercedes Benz owner, you already know that your car is known for its luxurious design. Protecting, preserving, and improving that design is an important part of making sure your dream car remains your dream car for as long as possible. 

Below we’ll go over the different reasons why you should consider getting a dashboard cover and send you in the direction of some of the highest-quality dashboard covers on the market. 

Cover a Cracked Dashboard

One of the most common reasons to get a dashboard cover is if the material underneath has been cracked or otherwise broken. Generally, it’s regular exposure to sunlight and heat that causes cracks. When the plastic in the dashboard is exposed to heat or too much ultraviolet light, the molecules can start to break down, making the dash become dry and crack. 

While you can avoid these problems to some extent by parking in your garage or in the shade. If you drive your car frequently or for a long time, you’ll inevitably have to expose it to heat and light. 

Some people try to repair their broken dashboard with glue or other materials, but this is only a temporary fix. If you want to make your vehicle’s interior look new, you should buy a new dashboard cover to cover up the cracks. 

Preventive Measures

You can also use your dashboard cover in order to make sure your dash never cracks in the first place. By covering the built-in dash, you protect it from the conditions that are likely to make it crack and help preserve the value of your car. 

Getting Rid of Windshield Glare

Many people do not realize that getting a dash cover can also help you get rid of glare on your windshield. Sometimes these glares are merely an annoying distraction for people on long drives. But they can also be very dangerous, blocking the vision of the driver and obscuring the road. 

A large part of this glare comes from your naturally reflective plastic dash. What this means is, getting a custom dash with darker colors and better materials can not only cover and prevent cracks, but also help make your driving safer and more enjoyable. 

Installing a Dashboard Cover

When you order a dashboard cover from Adsitco, installation is easy. The cover you buy will already have cutouts for speakers and defrost vents that are perfectly placed to match your car’s design. 

All you have to do is some minor treatment of the current dash and cover before gluing the dash cover on with the adhesive included in your purchase. We’ve even compiled a 12-step installation guide to make this process as easy as possible for you. 

Dash Covers From Adsitco

If you’re in the market for a dash cover, consider buying from the extensive online catalog we have at Adsitco. Contact us today to get in touch with one of our Mercedes Benz experts and learn more about how we can help you with your car. 


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